Mid-challenge Workshop January 2014

Meeting Information

The meeting was held at the University of Edinburgh's Institute for Astronomy, on Monday 6 & Tuesday 7 January, 2014.

The meeting included a description of the GREAT3 challenge, guides to the simulated data, information on how to participate in GREAT3, and information about the public tools provided to make this easier. Throughout there were also invited and contributed talks, and discussion, on cutting edge topics in weak gravitational lensing, inference, and image analysis for cosmology.

There was no registration fee for this meeting.



Registration Information

The registration deadline was 16 December 2013, and the meeting ended on 7 January 2014.

  1. Are you definitely planning to attend, or are you seriously considering it?

    (We can extend registration later than Monday 16 provided that we have a good general sense for how many people are still trying to finalize their plans.)

  2. If you are unable to attend in person, would you like to attend remotely?

    (If there is demand we will look into the possibility of phone/skype/video for remote participation.)

  3. Are you interested in giving a talk, or is there some lensing / shape measurement development you'd be interested in hearing about?

    (If so, we'll try to include your talk in the schedule, time-permitting.)

  4. Do you have any dietary restrictions or requirements?

Local Information

We've put together some information about travel and accommodation in the beautiful Scottish capital Edinburgh. We will keep updating this page with further information, and let us know via workshop@great3challenge.info if you have any questions.

Some links for information about travel to and around Edinburgh:

Staying in Edinburgh
Suggestions for staying near to the meeting location, at a range of prices, can be found at the Institute for Astronomy's Edinburgh accommodation page.

Things to do around Edinburgh
If you have a bit of additional time, Edinburgh offers much to explore:

The GREAT3 Mid-challenge Workshop

SOC & LOC: David Harvey, Catherine Heymans, Rachel Mandelbaum, Barnaby Rowe